Honda Prius

I ran across a video by darkmatter2525 again, and this time neither God nor this little angel whose name I forgot have an appearance. But just look yourself. So shortly said, the video is about a woman who wants to buy a car. But the seller never shows her the car. All he does is present „evidence“ in the form of manual and other paper work, and the fact that he the seller himself is in the office although he lives 7 miles away....

12.05.2013 · 1 min · De Benny

Do you believe in Yahwe?

This is a bit unhandy, as embedding was disabled, but you can look at the video I want to speak about here. The story is told relatively quick, supposingly more quickly than watching the video: Person A asks person B about his or her belief in a variety of godhead names: Vishnu, Baal, Shemosh, Thor, you name it. person B keeps saying „no“, to all the questions. Person A does not react to these answers in any way, just keeps on throwing names of godheads at person B....

01.04.2013 · 4 min · De Benny

What is there to do in heaven

What is there to do in heaven

30.03.2013 · 1 min · De Benny

Who created God?

youtube= Darkmatter’s video on God’s God starts with a common stereotype about Christian faith: An Atheist dies, gets to meet his creator an is about to be sent to hell for not believing in the right God. The question of how he should have known which God to believe in comes up later, when God himself meets his creator, that looks a lot like Steve Jobs. A lot could be said and debated about how one should know which God is actualy the right one, but the main question is about the creator of the Creator, so I shall stick with this....

09.03.2013 · 5 min · De Benny