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Open ID, WordPress and Comments

I’ve been playing around a bit with Open ID recently. And I got it to work at the forum, so I guess this would be a first success. Afterwards I tried using it on WordPress, but although loging into WordPress works for me, I’d als like to enabe you to leave comments by Open ID and not Name/E-Mail. Seems like the OpenID Plugin (and all other related plugins I could find) depends on a more recent form of the comments mechanism. There appears to be a rather new function named comment_form() which to plugins are not (yet?) prepared for. I wonder how one would add functionality to the comment form, like gicing your OenID identity rather than Name/E-Mail…

There seems even to be some way to relate smal pictures with the OpenID identity (though some addon or something), so I wonder if it would be possible to have those instead of the Gravatar or MonsterID pics we have now…

You see, I have hardly a clue, but maybe some of you has some ideas how to approach all that…?

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