Usually I write this blog in German, but this time, I want to use the English tungue to possibly reach a broader audience. And actually I do not have very much to say at this time. All I can say is that I am praying for the Revolution on the Nile to be successful soon, and that there will not be more casulties, and I think I am not alone with this thought in the western world. Of course we are afraid of the idea a new (islamisitc fundamentalist) regime wold be the replacement for the Mubarak regime, but I personally see a low possibility for this. So if there is any Egyptian reading this, know that I am with you, that I wish you all the best and God’s blessing of freedom.

That said, I have one question that is puzzeling me for some while now. I keep reading about Egyptians asking for support by western governments, before all the USA. I might be dead wrong, but I think this would be the worst thing that could happen to the revolution, because it would be water to the propaganda mills of Mubarak, so he could back his claims that the whole thing is pushed by foreign powers. I deeply hope this is the reason of the US administration and my own German government for not using a more direct language, and I do hope that western countries will offer all kind of support for the new democratic government that is to be put in place after Mubarak and his gang is kicked out of Egypt.

God be with you!

Update: Seeing pictures like this, I have problems believing the protesters would bring up a system that would oppress Christians.

Update: And a video: